Whisky stave round Lid with a Glencairn Water Jug and 2 Glasses

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The whisky barrel staves that I use are from a whisky barrel that has come to its end and is no longer used in the construction or repair of whisky barrels. When I receive the staves they still have remnants of charcoal from the burning of the inside of the barrel, I remove and clean and shape the stave to suit the size of item I intend to create.

I have used four flat staves to create a small tray or lid which is approx. 9" round and allows a Jug and 2 glasses to sit comfortably. The base of the tray has been covered in a green felt.

The Whisky barrel stave is made from a Whisky barrel from the Highlands of Scotland, and you should be able to smell the aroma from the Whisky through the wooden stave, the colours in the wood vary as I like to keep as much of the texture and shape from the Whisky barrel stave.

The Water Jug and Nose Glasses are from Glencairn, who specialize in Whisky glassware, each item when packaged will include a brief story of the stave. All of my items will have a gold label stating hand made in Dunoon Scotland.

Each Whisky Stave is unique.     

The photograph shows roughly the shape which will be delivered.

The size of the stave is approx. 9" x 1" 

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