Whisky Stave with Glencairn Glasses

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Whisky Barrel Stave and 2 Glen Cairn Whisky Nose Glasses

( From the Highlands of Scotland )

The Whisky stave is made from a Whisky barrel from the Highlands of Scotland. The Nose Glasses are from Glen Cairn who specialize in Whisky glassware, each item when packaged will include a the brief story of the stave. All of my items will have a gold label stating hand made in Dunoon Scotland.

The Whisky stave i use is from a Whisky barrel that has come to its end and is no longer used in the construction or repair of a Whisky barrel. When i receive the staves they still have remnants of the charcoal from the burning done during the process of repair at the Cooperage. I remove and clean and shape the stave to suit the size of item I intend to create.

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