Quaich with a wooden 4" Base

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Quaich ( Cuach ) with a Wooden 4" Base 

( From the Highlands of Scotland )

The Quaich is finished in Chrome and has a Celtic Knot design on the handle and stands on a wooden base." Chrome does not tarnish" The word "Quaich" is from the Gaelic word "Cuach" which means "shallow cup" or as we know it today, a "drinking cup". The Quaich originated in the Scottish Highlands centuries ago. Traditionally the Quaich is used when offering a guest "the cup of welcome" and again upon farewell or parting drink. The wooden base which has been crafted to affords the opportunity for you to commemorate a special date or event. A memorable plate can be engraved which can then be attached. Each item will include an explanation of the historical back ground.




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